Lectrix EV LXS 2.0

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Lectrix EV LXS 2.0 Launched

Lectrix EV LXS 2.0 Launched at the Starting Price ₹79,999

Lectrix EV, a prominent Indian electric vehicle manufacturer, has unveiled the upgraded LXS 2.0 electric scooter, poised to elevate urban commutes with its extended range, stylish design, and advanced features. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the LXS 2.0 caters to individuals seeking a practical and eco-friendly transportation solution without compromising on performance or aesthetics.

Specifications of New Lectrix EV LXS 2.0:

  • Motor: Hub-BLDC 10-inch, delivering a peak power of 1800 W and a maximum torque of 90 Nm @ 150 RPM.
  • Battery: Li-ion LFP with a capacity of 46 Ah, providing a claimed range of 98 km (IDC) and 80 km (RWUP).
  • Battery Charger: 18 A, enabling a full charge in 3 hours.
  • Controller: FOC, ensuring efficient power management.
  • Brakes: Drum brakes on both front and rear wheels.
  • Suspension: Telescopic front and coil spring rear suspension for a comfortable ride.
  • Tires: Tubeless (LRR), 90/100-10 front and 110/90-10 rear.
  • Dimensions: 1810 mm x 682 mm x 1255 mm (length, width, height)
  • Weight: 100 kg (kerb weight)
  • Payload: 155 kg
  • Top Speed: 55 km/h
Lectrix EV LXS 2.0 E-Scooter

Features of Lectrix EV LXS 2.0:

  • Smart Digital Speedometer: Provides real-time information about speed, battery level, and other vital metrics.
  • Mobile App Connectivity: Enables remote monitoring, diagnostics, and control of various functions.
  • Key and App Ignition: Offers dual authentication options for security and convenience.
  • Headlight, Tail Light, and Turn Signal Lamps: Ensure visibility and safety during night rides.
  • CBS (Combined Braking System): Enhances braking performance and stability.
  • Spacious Under-Seat Storage: Provides ample space for essential belongings.

Colours of the Lectrix EV LXS 2.0:

The LXS 2.0 is available in a variety of captivating hues to match individual preferences:

  • Black
  • Metallic Grey
  • Silver
  • Red
  • White
  • Blue

Price of Lectrix EV LXS 2.0:

The Lectrix EV LXS 2.0 is priced starting at ₹79,999 (ex-showroom Delhi), making it an attractive proposition for budget-conscious consumers seeking a feature-packed electric scooter.

About Lectrix EV:

Lectrix EV is a leading Indian electric vehicle company committed to developing sustainable and eco-friendly transportation solutions. With a focus on innovation and affordability, the company strives to make electric vehicles accessible to a wider audience and contribute to a cleaner environment.


The Lectrix EV LXS 2.0 emerges as a compelling option in the rapidly expanding electric scooter market. Its combination of extended range, modern design, convenient features, and competitive price tag positions it to appeal to commuters and eco-conscious riders alike. As the demand for electric mobility continues to surge, the LXS 2.0 is poised to make a significant impact on the Indian two-wheeler landscape.

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